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November 2022

SOAR: Number Base Ten

Supporting Ongoing Achievement Responsively is a comprehensive intervention curriculum for

general education teachers, interventionists, special education teachers, and AEA strategists in the major domains. The intervention consists of a diagnostic survey, intervention activities, and progress monitoring tools. Click on the flyer below for additional information and registration details.

Top Resources for November

1. ICTM Math Community Circles- This is a great opportunity to connect with math teachers across the state and discuss relevant topics in math education.

2. Mathmedic- This is a resource with free lesson by teachers for teachers targeted at the high school level. The lessons are designed around a philosophy of "experience first, formalize later" to give high school students great learning opportunities.

3. Iowa Department of Ed. Math Resources- Mathematics resources centered around instruction, assessment, and professional development. Explore the professional development tab for great ways to support mathematics instruction in your school building!

PK-1 Counting Activity: 12 Ways to Get to 11

12 Ways to Get to 11 is a counting book about decomposing, or breaking apart, the number 11 in various ways. Each page shows a different combination of objects, such as nine pinecones and two acorns. The story encourages children to think about counting objects in the world around them.

The accompanying guide gives great think-abouts and question stems for facilitating the activity.

If a physical book is not available, the linked video gives an animated read-through.

3-5 Thankful for Math

This link provides a created template for students to share how they are thankful for math. This is a great way to promote reflective thinking in math class and can be extended much further!

6-8 Thanksgiving Coordinate Graphing

This website has a collection of Thanksgiving themed worksheets ranging from graphing coordinates to form a picture to skip counting and fact practice.

HS Thanksgiving Challenge

Each season/holiday brings a great opportunity to challenge your secondary math students to use their understanding of math to create a product! A fantastic way to foster these higher-level thinking skills is through a graphing challenge. Students can use their understanding of linear and non-linear graphing techniques to create a design as sophisticated as their understanding allows for. A few examples have been linked below for inspiration.

Turkey #1

Turkey #2

Turkey #3

Pumpkin #1

The 3-Container Estimation Routine: How to Use it in Your Classroom
Big picture

ICTM Grant Information

The Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics offers a range of grants to ICTM members. If you are interested in applying please visit the attached link or click on the flyer below.

ICTM Grants

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