September 15 - September 19, 2014

Interactive Math Resources!

The New Math TEKS Live Binder is a collaborative collection of work from area school districts in Central Texas. The documents provided are an analysis of the transition process for implementing the new Texas math standards that were adopted in 2012. The other math resources listed below are also electronic tools to assist in planning lessons.

Grade Level Canvases

Virtual Math Manipulatives

Click On TEKs (NRES shared folders)

K-3 Vertical Progression Chart

Scope and Sequence Extensions

PLEASE NOTE: These websites are best utilized in CHROME!

Modeling Guided Reading FAQ

Guided Reading FAQ

Mesquite ISD teacher Candice Bookman talks about implementing Guided Reading within her first grade classroom and how she "gets it done -- everything from groups, lesson planning, stations/centers, classroom management to much needed documentation. Please view the video prior to PLC meeting on Tuesday!

Reminders and Expectations!

  • Create your classes in Think Central. Click here for instructions.
  • Use an Affinity Diagrams in Class this week. Please click on this link to learn more.
  • PTA Fundraiser Kickoff will take place on Wednesday @ 2 p.m. (GYM)
  • ISTs will begin Tier 3 groups this week; however, please be mindful they will also be simultaneously completing UNIVERSAL SCREENERS K-4 this week. The ISTs will be providing each teacher a copy of their schedule (with student names) by Wednesday at 3 p.m.
  • Grades EC-4 are not required to send home a progress report during the first marking period; however, teachers are required to conference with each parent prior to the conclusion of the first grading cycle. The early release day, October 3rd will be set aside as the designated parent conference time. Documentation of each conference will be kept in Aware. Here is the link to Progress Reports and Report Cards due dates. Assignments should be graded and posted in the electronic gradebook within 72 hours with exception of complex projects, essays, or assignments that require extensive teacher feedback or review.

Book Study

We are open to suggestions about our yearly book study. If you have a book recommendation for our staff to read, please submit it on the following link. We will vote for the book recommendations and complete the book study based on our staff selection. Please submit your recommendation by Friday September 19. Please click here for the link.


We would like to thank you for your flexibility and patience in our first Rockets Store of the year. Like everything new, there is a learning curve. Here are few clarifications:

  • One sheet of tickets is placed in your box on a weekly basis to use with your class or other students who are following the common areas expectations. We need to limit it to one sheet because we have to limit the number of prizes we give out (Budget constraints)
  • We plan to open the store every 3 weeks.
  • A schedule will be sent out for teachers to bring the class and avoid lines.
  • The PBIS committee is collecting ideas for Non-Tangible prizes. Since our budget is very limited, we need make a list of items that students would love to earn. Please email anyone in the committee: Kristina, Sergio, Kelly Paiz, Becky, Jayne and Dana.

Istation at NRES!


  • If you are missing any students in grades 3-4, we will need to wait for an Unique State ID to be created for them.
  • All students have been uploaded in grades K-2. If you are missing any students please email Oliver student name and ID.
  • There are many professional development opportunities to learn about how to use and understand Istation.Please visit the following website to start your professional learning about including Istation in your daily instruction.
  • ISTs attended a couple of webinars about istation. They can be a good resource of information and here are some notes we took:
  1. Istation automatically assesses students every calendar month for placement for instruction (it takes from 20-40 minutes). When they use it the same month, they will be practicing on the skills they missed on the assessment.
  2. Tier 1 students should use the program 30 minutes a week. Tier 2 students should use it 60 minutes a week. Tier 3 students should use it 3 times a week. The computer lab will be open at 7:30 for students use. Mary Nyari-Hernandez is on the duty roster for the computer lab in the morning. Please make sure your students know their iStation logins and passwords.
  3. Istation has intervention lessons for teacher to use in small group instruction.

Staff Celebrations from Last Week

One person commented: "I got my stations ready for Math. I will be teaching them how to use them and we should be up and running by next week"

Staff Suggestions From Last Week

"I don't like the 5 minutes between Co-Curr and the next class. Often there is over 100 kids in the hall and we are all trying to use the restrooms or just get by. I don't think this gives the special teachers enough time to regroup for the next class. Just thought it was much smoother last year. :)"

RESPONSE: There are two main reasons for the 5 minutes Co-Curr transition. The first reason is that planning is an important component in teachers' jobs. An extra 5 minutes for classroom planning adds 25 extra minutes a week for designing lessons. The second reason is that it increases the number of minutes required for P.E instruction and limits the non-structured P.E requirements to 5 minutes a day.

One suggestion we can minimize hallway traffic is that we agree which students will use the restrooms at specific times. Students who arrive to Co-Curr should use the restroom prior to going to class. Students who leave Co-Curr should use classroom's restroom for K-1 and grades 2-4 should use the second grade hallway restroom. It is also important to be on time picking up and dropping off students, so Co-Curr teachers have the full 5 minutes to transition.

Where is Everyone this Week?

Monday 15: District LPAC Meeting @ 9:30 a.m. (Oliver)

Monday 15: Sandra Pena, Parent Involvement Specialist will be in the Teachers' Lounge to discuss the program and its' components.

Tuesday 16: Title Meeting @ 9:30 a.m. (Jackie)

Wednesday 17: General Administrators' Meeting @ 8 a.m. (Jackie)

Thursday 18: Instructional Rounds Walk @ 9 a.m. (Jackie @ WRES)

CCI Meeting in a.m. (Kristina)

Friday 19: SPED and DIAG Joint Meeting @ 8 a.m. (Oliver) and 1/2 personal in the p.m. (Kristina)

Staff Birthdays

Oliver Mujica - Sept. 15

Debbie Smith - Sept. 20

Amber Richards - Sept. 25

Janice Freeman - Sept 27

Aida Hernandez - Sept. 28

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