Identity Theft

By Katherine Laws, interviewing Kevin Laws

About the interview

I interviewed my father, Kevin Laws, regarding his knowledge on identity theft. This article is created to relay the information. Below is all the questions I asked, followed by Kevin's answer.

What do you think identity theft is?

Identity theft is the stealing of personal technological information, such as bank and credit card account numbers, passwords, etc.

What information do you have in your wallet or purse that an identity thief could use?

I have credit and debit cards and a drivers license.

How can a thief use this information?

The thief could use the debit and credit cards at retail and online locations and potentially use the driver's license information to set up bogus accounts.

What is a credit report used for?

A credit report is used to determine a person's credit worthiness. It lists credit accounts that a person has and how they pay those credit accounts back.

Where do you suggest that people keep their credit card numbers?

I suggest that people keep their credit card numbers in a locked safe in the home or a lock-box in the bank.

Do you keep your ATM, credit and debit card receipts? Why or why not?

I do. This is because it is important to keep them as long as needed to make sure that the transactions post properly.

Do you check the receipt charges with the charges on your monthly statement?

Yes, I do.

Have you ever found a fraudulent charge on your bank statement?

No, I have not.

Do you destroy pre-approved credit card applications? Is so, why?

I do destroy them because the mailings usually have enough information that an identity thief could open the account.

Have you ever used your credit card for unsolicited phone purchases?

Yes, I have, only when needed.

Do you know what a secure browser is? If so, why is it important for Internet purchases?

Yes, I have basic knowledge of it. It is important to protect against internet scamming.