Cheer Homework

To be completed by next Wednesday, September 24


To give you a structured weekly workout and practice plan that will help improve skills!

Wednesday, Sept. 17

Practice the cheers learned at ballgame practice. A video will be added after practice. You must have someone record you and show me at next practice.

Thursday, Sept. 18

  1. Continue practicing ballgame cheer
  2. Watch the video. Do 5 20-second intervals.
  3. 10 toe touches
  4. 5 double toe touches
  5. Competition sequence 10 times--record and show your best one at next practice
Cheerleading Conditioning Drills for a better Toe Touch Jump

Weekend HW

  1. Continue practicing cheer. You must know them by next Wed.
  2. 10 minute workout video! If you can't load it, do push ups, planks, and ab exercises to strengthen your muscles!
10-Minute No-Equipment Home Workout, Full Body Exercise, Class FitSugar

Monday, Sept. 22

  1. Practice cheer
  2. Repeat jump workout from last Thurs.

Tuesday, Sept. 23

10 minute workout OR jog and do abs, push ups and planks for 10 minutes.