legal vs illegal aliens!

Todd haussmann

legal and illegal

a legal alien is someone from another country who is allowed and has permission to live in the USA.

A illagal alien is someone from another country who is NOT allowed to be in the USA because they did not go through citizenship!

compare and contrasting

difference and same

someone who is legal has rights to have a job have a home and go to school.

illegal's can NOT do any of that!

they both may come for the same reasons like freedom, rights, money, etc

illegal aliens sneak over to the USA

legals come over without trying to sneak in and want to start a new live.

they both want to start new, but the illegal will be in more trouble if they are found

legals won't have to worry about that.

the reason some IA sneak over here is because they have drugs their trying to bring into the country to make money. one person comes here to make money legally and the other illegally. thats one of the reasons why they SNEAK over here. they don't want to get caught.

made by Todd haussmann