Five Themes of Austin

By: Paige Norton


Austin is located in Central Texas, it is 2 1/2 hours Northwest of Houston, 1 Hour North of San Antonio and 3 hours South of Dallas. Austin is located in the Hill Country of Texas.


Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the world and has the slogan of Keep Austin Weird. Most of the citizens are free spirited and enjoy the social aspect of Austin.

Human Enviorment Interaction

Austin is one of the top "Green" cities in the country. The people of Austin respect the enviorment and only change it when needed to grow. When they do change it, they study the empact and do whatever they can to make the damage minimal. There are many groups, like the Save Our Springs Alliance that make sure the enviorment is cared for and makes sure any growth is corrodinated to lessen the impact on the envirorment.


Austin is in the Hill Country, as such there are many hills within Austin. There are also numerous Lakes, Rivers and Creeks that shape Austin and how the people in it live, travel and build homes.


Austin is growing. Each year more and more people come to Austin as it is the State Capital, home to the University of Texas we well as numerous other colleges and is quickly becoming the Tech Capital of South. The city now has over 1 million inhabitants. When you compare the population in 1940, which was 87,930, Austin has seen dramatic growth and will continue to see this growth as new residents move here every day for work, school and the overall atmosphere of the City of Austin


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