By: Emma Howarth

Athens over Sparta

I chose Athens over Sparta because they treat people very fairly and slaves too and if I had slaves I would agree with the Athens by treating slaves fairly.

The women of Athens

The women of Athens are treated very differently than men. Say if your husband dies you as a wife are not aloud to inherit the husbands property . Also women are not aloud to vote.


An assembly is a group that makes our laws. You can get in the group if u are a free male and are at least 18 years old. If you you follow those requirements that means you are in the group.

The council of 500

The council of 500 is a a group for any citizen rich, to poor, if free to join this group. but there is a set number of how many citizens are aloud to be in this group and that number is 500. Also to be in the group you have to win the lottery. If you were in the group you would be responsible for proposing laws.


Democracy is a type of government where people make decisions for how the government operates. Athens think it's the best way to for people to have a right to participate in their own government.


Generals are 10 very experienced and powerful people. These generals command the army and navy. Also you might see the generals in court too since they also at as judges.