Lady Ags

Communications Smore Assignmnet

Group Members

Ashley Davis, Ashley Gomez, Maria Melgar, Priscilla Ruiz & Rachel Simon

Deceptive Communication

Barney constantly uses self enhancement deception in order to make himself more appealing to woman. He concocts crazy schemes about who he is and what he does for a living so that he can pick up women.

Disconfirming behaviors

In the video the man goes around and asks people for directions then proceeds to ignore them when they try to help him. He ignores their presence completely by pretending to look at his phone when being spoken to and when asked a question he has no response at all. The point of the video was to prove that it is rude to be on your phone when people are talking to you.


In this video the boy is crying and scared running away from a flock of chickens. He infers that the chickens are following/chasing him because they want to hurt him, but in reality they are doing so because he is carrying a bag of feed.

Using Emotions Strategically

Pretty Little Liars:314 She's Better Now! Alison & Byron Blackmail Scene!

Emotionally Tone Deaf


Too much self-disclosure on Facebook

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Back Handed Compliment

Family Guy: Men - We know how to be friends

Graciously accepting a compliment

Elf (2003). Buddy goes to dads office