My 8th Grade Year

By: Kendra West

Poetry Cafe

Poetry Cafe was the scariest thing I did my eight grade year. The night before Poetry Cafe I was very nervous, I did not want to go to school the next day I kept begging my parents to let me stay home.

"Can I PLEASE stay home tomorrow?"

I continually asked; each time I asked I knew I was going to get the same answer and that was "NO".

I then explained to them why I didn't want to go;

"I don't want to school tomorrow because at Poetry Cafe we have to read our poetry on stage in front of my class and one other class and i'm extremely nervous about it".

This did not change either of their minds they said,

"You have to go tomorrow if you don't you'll just have to do it another time"

I finally accepted that I would have to go to school and went to bed. I could not sleep that night being so nervous about the next day. I woke up the next morning and got dressed, still being terrified of having to get on stage that day. When I got to school I realized it was not just me who where nervous, all my friends were scared too. When Poetry Cafe began my class went first people began to go on stage and read their poetry, some were short poems, some where long poems, some where funny poems, and some where serious poems. As my turn neared my nerves grew even greater. When it was my turn to go I walked up on stage and sat on the stool I could not see much of either classes because the light shining on me was very bright. I began to read my poetry, i'm sure I read very fast. I finished and walked off stage to my seat. I realized that it was not as bad as I thought it was.

Longer Lunch Time

Schools lunches should last longer. Lunch time is typically fifteen to twenty minutes long. This is not a long enough time to wait in the lunch line and eat your food. Lunch lines are ridiculously long and can take five to ten minutes at least to go through. By the time students get their food and sit down to eat they are left with minimal time. This causes students to rush and eat their food. Students might also not even be able to finish their food. If the student does not have enough time to finish their lunch they are throwing away their parents money that they put in their lunch account. Some people may argue that students having a longer lunch time would cause students to finish early and with their free time they might cause trouble. But this would not happen because if their was enough adult supervision it would help to prevent that from happening. Students would still be eating lunch in that extra time instead of rushing to eat their lunch,and they would actually have enough time to finish their lunch instead of having to have it go to waste. Because it would give students more time to eat and there would not be as much wasted food and wasted money there should be a longer lunch time.

Do Not Procrastinate

Not doing you work during class can be very tempting because it sounds much better to play games or get on your phone. Doing this is fun at the time but is horrible once you get home that night. You get home that night and realize the assignments you did not complete or projects you didn't work on are due the next day or very soon. It is not very fun because you find yourself buried in homework. Depending on how much you didn't do you could have just a small amount of homework, or you could get stuck with hours of homework if you have full projects to complete. Having hours of homework is the worst because if you want to get it done you cant hang out with your friends, play video games, get on your phone,or do anything you find fun until you get your homework done unless of course you find homework fun. It also may cause you to lose sleep if you have homework that you have to stay up late to finish because it is taking you so long, you may then be very tired the next day at school from lack of sleep. If you are running off little sleep you might fall asleep at school and not be focusing and miss out on what the teacher is saying so you then might not be able to do assignments because you did not learn what the teacher taught. As you can see procrastinating work can be a very bad thing and although class may be more fun not doing your work can make you have a horrible night.

Bigger Backpacks

I think that students should be able to carry larger backpacks. Draw string backpacks have minimal space and allow students to carry very little. Carrying a Chromebook, binders, folders, books, and much more stuff can be very hard in such a small backpack.Student cannot fit all of their supplies in their backpack which can be a problem because its a lot easier to lose things when their not secured. Draw string bags are also very uncomfortable because this straps dig into shoulders especially when the bag is very heavy. Larger backpacks have much more comfortable straps. Being able to carry larger backpacks would be helpful with students getting to class on time because they would be able to fit everything in their bags instead of having to stop by their lockers it would reduce the amounts of tardy's. Some may argue that bigger backpacks could potentially cause injuries in crowded halls because students could accidentally hit others with their big bags. This could be true but there is always the chance of injuries in very crowded hallways regardless of the students bag size. Due to all of these reasons students should be able to carry large backpacks at school.