The Thirty Years War

Setting for Cyrano


In 1618 the war started it the Roman Empire. There were two main reasons for this war. First, religions in the area violated peoples' rights to choose. People were allowed to be Catholic or Lutheran, but they could not be Calvinist. That did not stop the Calvinists, however, they practiced that religion even when it was illegal. This religious problem got to the point of just getting really mad and demanding. Second, Spain , the Netherlands, and France were fighting for Western Europe.

It was the longest and most destructive war that Europe's ever had in history. To peoples' surprise, it actually lasted 30 years. It was a point in Europe's history that was meaningful because it made the religions equal in power. The Westphalia Treaty ended the Thirty Years War and it took almost 3 weeks to arrange the signing ceremony. The signing happened at 2:00 in the afternoon of Saturday, October 24th, 1648.

Connection To Present Day

The 30 Years' War greatly reduced the political power and influence the Catholic church had in Europe. The church never recovered that control over its people in Europe.

The Swedish military came up with new, more organized strategies for fighting war. They paid their mercenaries regularly and made sure local citizens were treated well. This formed the basis of much of our current approach to war.


It influenced the society by the religious separations in that area. It would probably negatively and positively. The positive part is that it gave Europe a chance to change and the negatively part is all of those separations must have been hard for the other religions. It is important because Cyrano in the play was in the war. Nothing really impacted the future and still not relevant unless if you are reading Cyrano de Bergerac.

Five Fun Facts

1.It was the longest and most destructive war in Europe history.

2.There were from 3,000,000 to 11,500,000 deaths during that war.

3.Many civilians accompanied mercenary troops.

4.It had many different reasons including religion, dynastic, territorial, and commercial rivalries.

5.The muzzle loading rifle was specially created for the war.


The 4 Phases is separated in to groups the local and religious, and then the continental and the political. The local and religious phases are the Bohemian and the Danish. The continental and the political phases are the Swedish and the French.


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