That was Then, This is Now

By Garrett Kersey


The author often refers violence in her book "That was Then, This is Now.", like fist fighting and gun violence. There are many types of violence, like domestic and verbal violence

What is Violence?

Violence is exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse to another person.

Why does violence happen?

Some violence is due to impulsive behavior, some due to the use of drugs or alcohol, some due to serious mental illness, some to hate, revenge, or retribution. For example when Angela wanted revenge on Ponytail for ignoring her, which led to her hair being cut off by Mark.
i object to violence because when it appears to be good, the good is only temporary, the evil it does is permanent. -Mohanda Gandhi

How to prevent violence

Don't use alcohol and other drugs, and stay away from places and people associated with them. Never go anywhere with someone you and your parents don't know and trust. Stick with friends who are also against violence and drugs, and stay away from known trouble spots.

Examples of violence

Some examples of violence are gun violence and fist violence. An example of gun violence in the book is when the Texans shot Charlie in an alley, trying to protect Mark and Bryon. An example of fist violence in the book is when M&M was being beat up for being different, and needed Mark and Bryon's help.