The followers of Islam are called Muslims.The people of Islam in the God of Abraham/Allah and the five pillars. The five pillars include Belief which is believing in God, Prayer which is praying five times a day, Charity which is helping out the less fortunate, Fasting which is when you don't eat or drink, and Pilgrimage which is when Muslims travel to Mecca. some sacraments of Islam is halal and haram, halal is acts that are allowed and haram are acts that are forbidden. A Muslims place of worship is a Mosque. The worship leader of a Mosque is a Imam or Mullah. The Holy Book of Islam is called the Koran, the Koran contains of teachings, history, laws of ancient Hebrew, and prophets. The holidays of Muslims are the Annual Hajj which is when Muslims travel to Mecca to go and pray at the Ka'bah, a Ka'bah is a place that Abraham built with his son and Muslims also believe that Mohomend's body is in there. Only Muslims can enter Mecca and the Ka'bah. Another holiday is Ramadan, this is a holiday when you fast and pray all day so your sins can be forgiven. The Holy city and place of Muslims is Mecca and the Ka'bah where you pray on the Annual Hajj. All three religions believe in the God of Abraham, they also believe that there is only one God this is called Monotheism.