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Dodgeball at Tohickon

Have you ever wanted to pelt another student, or perhaps a teacher in the face with a dodge ball, and advance in a tournament with your friends? Well, we at Tohickon have the perfect thing. The Dodge ball Tournament, according to Mrs. Welch, (the teacher organizing it this year) the Valentine's dance has always served as a fundraiser for the musical. Unfortunately, there haven't been too many that go to the dance, so it has been decided that a dodge ball championship would be a better way to attract a larger demographic, and make more money for the musical. The tournament will take place on the 22nd of February, there are six players per team. Admission is five dollars per player. Teams are able to come up with their own team name and decide whether they want to buy team jerseys as well.

The Whole Wheat Pretzels Rise

The pretzels may not have been much of a success in December, but the creative minds over at the student council came up with the idea to sell whole wheat pretzels instead. The district won't allow us to sell the pretzels more than four times a year, so they needed another way to raise the money. It seems that the lackluster sales of last month have swayed them to come up with the new and more healthy idea. They hope to increase sales for the pretzels, for a better music department and spare money for any other ideas the student council come up with and so they can continually sell them. On the 15th of this month free samples were given out to the public. This is how are class rated it: 29% didn't try it, and 71% of students liked it.
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Holly is the New Black

On January 20, Holly Black , a John Newbery award winning author visited Tohickon. She talked to the 7th grade students about the books she's written . Holly Black is a very successful author, and she has many great books such as; Doll Bones, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Ironside and Red Glove. She has many other great books. All her books have one characteristic that a lot of other writers don't have, they all have a strange and disturbingly creepy vibe to them. She has made children's books but even those have a creepy element to them. Her presentation was both funny, engaging, and whimsical, with talks of fairies and ghosts.