Canada In 2060?

What? Why? Where? When? How?

How Will It Look?

Modern day Canada looks beautiful, clean, tall, forestry and man made land. Canada has 15 provinces and territories. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc. All these amazing places in Canada, but can they last another 45 years? What do we have to expect in the future? Well here you go..


Now VS Then

Canada's current immigration status isn’t like how it used to be. Canada’s intakes were mostly from Europe because of the world war. Now there are political issues in other places like the middle east were people are coming to Canada from Syria, and Iraq.
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Hmm? Population!

Canada has a current population of 35.871.000 people!! Imagine how much we would have i 2060. Our birth rate is okay death rate is high and our dependency load is reasonably large, but. How will this affect our country in the future? The population is set to balance the different sexes populations
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Canadas Death Rate On The Rise?

Actually it hasn't decreased or increased at all. Canada's death rate has been 7 for the past three years. This means we've kept the numbers of death to the same amount for some time.

Canadas Birth Rate. All Time Low?!

Canada's fertility rate is 1.61 births per woman in canada. Woah a lot of kids there. Although the rate for women compared to men is set to go down. So also with it will the birth rate.