Catawba County

Our little home in the Peidmont

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A Short History Of Catawba

Catawba county was founded in 1842 when it was created from land in Lincoln county. It was named after a tribe of native Americans that lived there before the European settlers arrived and drove them out. The neighboring counties are Alexander County to the north, Iredell County to the east, Lincoln County to the south, Burke County to the west, Caldwell County to the northwest, and Mecklenburg County to the southeast.

Our County Government

Our wonderful county is run by the Board of Commissioners (C. Randall Isenhower, Barbara G. Beatty, Vice-Chair, Kitty W. Barnes, Dan A. Hunsucker, Sherry Butler), meets our county manager, Tom Lundy, who help get us funding and coordinate projects to improve our town. They meet periodically in Newton, Catawba, to discuss ways to improve our home. Pictured left is county manager Tom Lundy.

The County Seat

Our County seat (where all the government work gets done) Is Newton. Here, in addition to the board of commissioners and county manager, the town council (Karen Ester, Jeff Hendren, Thomas Johnston, and Patrick Laney), town manager(Joel Mashburn), and mayor(Vance Readling) meet, to help make decisions on for the lovely town of Newton.

Our Beautiful County

Catawba county has three beautiful lakes (pictured below) as part of our scenery, and we invite you to come and enjoy their natural beauty with us

NASCARs Best Friend!

We love Nascar here in Catawba! We're often harolded as "Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars" since 12 NASCAR stars grew up right here in Hickory, Catawba. We're home to the Hickory Motor Speedway, often referred to as "The World's Most Famous Short Track" (pictured right), where all our NASCAR stars have raced! If you're a NASCAR fan, Catawba, NC is the perfect place for you, so come on down and try your hand at racing on our famous Hickory Speedway!

Welcome Art fans!

Even if you're more of the quiet, artsy type, Catawba has something for you, the Hickory Museum of Art. They have kids art classes, beautiful exhibits, and summer camp programs for your the little artist in your family! Admission is free, and you can stay and enjoy the art (such as Thomas Coles 'Landscape', featured left) from 10am - 4pm everyday but Sunday.