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Africa geography

Ethiopian highlands

Ethiopia is a great place to visit. Ethiopia has lots of mountains. One of the main mountain places in Ethiopia are the Ethiopian highlands. These mountains were most likely of early volcanic origin. Lake Tana cuts through the center of the plateau. The Nile river is where the people get their water from. Ethiopia highlands are fringed by the Sudan lowlands.

Where to visit in Africa!!!!


Madagascar is a fun and exiting adventure. It is the fourth largest island on the world. Madagascar is made up of highland plateau. The economy of Madagascar is very overwhelming. It is fringed with lagoons. Most of Madagascar covers the eastern coast. It is located in East Africa. Madagascar is one of the many islands in the Malagasy Republic.

Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic ocean is cold but is very pretty when you have a good view. The Atlantic ocean is also the second largest ocean on the earth. The Atlantic is sort of shaped in an S shape. The Pacific ocean is the first largest ocean following the Atlantic. The Mediterranean sea is a principled arm of the Atlantic ocean. 106,400,000 K is how large the ocean is.

Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean sea is the worlds largest inland sea. It is surrounded by Europe, Africa, and Asia. The sea connects with the Atlantic ocean. Fish, corals, and sponges all live in the sea. There are about 400 species living in the Mediterranean sea. The word Mediterranean come from a Latin word.