In Need of a 1950s Housewife!

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Job Description

We are looking for a qualified woman to be a housewife. Duties include keeping a positive attitude while preparing meals and cleaning the house.

You will also be responsible for providing your husband with healthy babies and taking care of the children as they grow.

A successful housewife will also have a working knowledge of doing laundry, sweeping the floors, cooking three meals a day, and raising children.

This housewife will not be permitted to have an additional job outside of the house as this job requires your attention 24/7.

Suffragists need not apply.


1. Have dinner ready for your husband the moment he returns from work.

2. Clear away all clutter. The house should be clean and tidy for your husband and family.

3. Prepare yourself. You should be wearing makeup and have your hair done. It is important to look nice for your husband because his day was full of hard work and he deserves a beautiful wife.

4. Manage the children. They should be clean and quiet upon your husband's return from work. All toys should be put away and the kids should look presentable for dinner.

5. Be a good listener. Even if you have something to say, you should hold it in because he might have something more important to say. You should not complain to your husband or say rude things because he works all day to provide you with the opportunity to stay home.


1. Must be between the ages of 18-21

2. Should be physically beautiful

3. Be willing to serve their husbands.

4. Be able to cook a delicious meal

5. Proven ability to operate a vacuum cleaner.

6. Higher education not required

7. Must have a positive attitude at all times

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