Chamberlain's Senior Bulletin

Vol 5? Lol

You're killin me smalls!

Yes, they might be killing us. Not literally, but I know several who are trying patience so I can only imagine.

I enjoyed watching the movie yesterday. Grounded me. Reminded me that sadly. Their world does not revolve graduation, no matter how badly we want it too. It doesn't make them bad etc, it just means they are misguided.

That thought leads me to the following things:

1. How are your mentees doing? Good, bad, ugly? Check in and up! Harass them or praise them, they need it this final semester. And don't forget to document it on the spread sheet :)

2. What are you going to do for those kiddos who will fail two quarters? I know what you have to do: give them their outlook for the rest of the year which cannot be you are done bc mathematically they aren't, call home, tell me and Amy in writing! Please do not tell me in the hall or at lunch duty. Send me and Amy an email. Include Luke. Again, you guessed it! Document on the spreadsheet!

3. Have I thanked you for documenting yet? Lol.

4. What are we doing to salvage them? Tutoring? Extra work? You tell me!

OGT Tutoring

After school:

English sections

Wednesday 245-345 m

Chamberlain and Palmer, Palmers room


Wednesday's 245-345

Ebright, Ebrights room

Science and Social Studies: we need volunteers! Let me know

We also have tutoring at lunches. See the applicable schedules. There are also social studies and science prep classes during the school day, but remember not all kiddos schedules can get them into those. Amy is working on that as we speak. Thank you Amy!!!

Senior Class Meeting

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 9:15am

WHS Auditorium

There's a senior class meeting. Pleas come with your seniors if your class is primarily seniors.
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Senior Documentation is REQUIRED

Senior documentation is required. Bc we are what stands between them and graduation, we have to document. Don't get me wrong, I know there is so much more and that we cannot be held solely responsible. Trust me, I taught seniors, I feel your pain. But we can't leave any room for error or for anyone to call us to the carpet about what we did or didn't do to help their baby graduate.

I only ask that you do what you would need to hear was done to help your own children graduate. If you haven't, I need you to. It's part of our tone of trust and decency. They trust us with them for four years and the decent thing is to exhaust all efforts. It is worth it, I promise. I went to summer graduation for a Whetstone kid who needed one OGT, by 3 points. His smile (evidenced by the photo in my office) was worth every headache he ever gave me. I just got tickets in the mail to watch him play in a college game :)

Use the link above to document the following (on records day perhaps???): their VCAP progress, if they failed your class, and your contact attempts and any interventions you have tried personally.

Please and thank you :)


Friday, April 29th, 7pm

4555 Cleveland Avenue

Columbus, OH

Come support our kiddos!

Senior Fundraising, please share on your social media!

Wear Pink for Senior OGT Support

Friday, March 11th, 7:15am

179 South Powell Avenue

Columbus, OH

Let's all wear pink (their chosen class color) to show support for our seniors taking OGTs the following week!
Malcolm London: "High School Training Ground"
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Final Thoughts

Thank you. I know you don't hear it enough and you likely won't hear it much the rest of the year.

The video above and the quote are symbolic of so many of the kids you interact with on a daily basis. I never been in a building where I can say without a doubt that ours teachers love our kids. You help each kid see themselves differently daily and daily try to help them become people then when they first came to us. You take that challenge on willingly and come in daily ready to combat their own lack of belief in themselves. That, colleagues, is a powerful challenge that you accept and rally against with fervor and enthusiasm.

Without the antics of GiGi Morelli, the rugged honesty of Elaine Shepherd, and the unwillingness of Tim Carpenter to allow me to become a statistics, I wouldn't have graduated, let alone be where I am today. So I thank you bc the kiddos we work with do not understand the impact you have had on them for years to come (lord knows I didn't until my first day of teaching) and I want you to feel the appreciation you are due.


PS - Update the spread sheet :)