Betsy's Bits

July Edition


I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation. I know many of you have been involved with trainings and conferences. I can't wait to hear all the great things you've learned and can bring back to SLMS! I also hope everyone makes time to rest and recharge to bring your AMAZINGNESS in August.

Important Dates:

  • August 11-15 - Sixth Grade Academy
  • August 18 - Optional Workday
  • August 19 - 22 - Required Workdays
  • Wednesday, August 20 - 6th grade Open House 5-7
  • Thursday, August 21 - 7th and 8th grade Open House 5-7
  • August 25 - First Day of School

Let's Catch Up

New Employees

I've involved many of you in the interveiws for a variety of openings. So far we have filled the following:

STEM: William Trombley

8th Grade ELA: Todd Kish

7th Grade Math: Miranda Colwell

In the Works

EC: Checking references

Still Need

PE: Boys

ELA: 7th grade


  • Robert Newby will be joining Kim Stuart and Laurie McCauley-Holland in 8th grade.
  • Angela Kincaid will be moving to 8th grade to team with Todd Kish, Cindy Quiggle and Brian Caldwell. Vincent Pienaar and Shannon Wymer will also team with Quiggle and Caldwell.
  • Chelsea McCarthy will be teaming with Christina Reed.
  • Melissa Paschall and Bonnie Marshall will be joining Patrice McNeill in 6th grade.

2014-15 Leadership Team Planning Session

Thursday, July 31st, 9am

2309 Tramway Rd

Sanford, NC

This will be a time to make plans for the coming year, share information from summer conferences (AVID, PLC that work, and Making Middle Grades Work), and develop goals for School Improvement Plan.

I will send out a Google Calendar invitation to Leadership Team members. Please accept or decline ASAP. More information will be included in the invitation.