Downtown Toronto

Urban Land-Use

About Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto is the main attraction in Ontario, aside from Niagara Falls. It attracts tourists with the famous CN tower, the Eaton Centre and other forms of entertainment you would notice while walking down the streets of Downtown. As you gradually make your way through Downtown you would notice two very distinct perspective. Starting off at the Kensington market, you will see low and medium order goods then as you make your way through Dundas Square, it slowly changes to a more developed area with high order goods. In Downtown there is a variety of transportation uses such as bicycles, subways and cars. Overall, Downtown Toronto is a very interesting place to visit and had very interesting sights.
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Population density

This is an example of population density ( the amount of people in a certain area) in Downtown Toronto. Its a picture of a crowd walking down Kensington market


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What I Learned from the trip

In class we learned about all the different types of land-uses, but I never fully understood how distinct each one was until we went to Downtown Toronto. The trip to Downtown Toronto was very useful and extremely fun, we walked from Kensington market ( low order goods and medium order goods) to the Eaton Centre( urban part of Toronto ). We saw all the different land uses and how important each one was. Overall the trip was very useful we were able to familiarize ourselves with the types of land-uses and enjoy ourselves while doing so.
Commercial Land Use In Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto Commercial Land-use video

This video is an Example of commercial land-use used in Downtown Toronto. As you can see in the video there are posters of movies, stores and bands which is a way to promote a certain business.

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