eō Solutions to Try

Don't Binge on Chocolate, Try EŌs!

Stress is everywhere, and how we manage our stress greatly effects our health. I was inspired by someone's post on the Abundance FB group this week (thanks Jen!) about options for managing stress. I also loved how many people responded in effort to help! Here are some of the responses below:
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I was so inspired by you all that I looked for a few more protocols to try for Stress

Try These:

Elevation, Lavender, Balance, Serenity, and Wild Orange are all great stress oils. These can be used by themselves or combined. I have heard of great success with combining a drop of each, Balance and Serenity, to each foot doing times of anxiety and stress, and Wild Orange with Elevation, smells amazing.

The new Emotional Aromatherapy Oils are fantastic as well! Each has the ability to relieve stress specific to the source of your stress! Choose the oil that matches the emotion on the wheel that you want to work on, and your stress will be eased. My personal fav is Motivate!

Also consider oils that you enjoy. Lemongrass is my favorite stress reliever, because the smell makes me happy. Juniper Berry and Dill together is a summertime favorite of mine as well.

Geraniam can be quite helpful with stress caused by grief. Sometimes, you have to get to the root cause of your stress to find the answer.

When in doubt, pull the Frankincense out! Apply a drop to the bottom of each foot, to help set your body right. Also, DDR Prime can be helpful for the clinical depressions/stresses, as it helps to correct damaged DNA at the cellular level...even your brain cells! You can either take the soft gels or apply it over your heart, along spine, or on the bottom of the feet. If the problem is clinical, consider the PB Assist probiotic supplements, because your gut health is closely linked to your mental health. And always seek medical help if you need it!