Tech Class Learns EXCEL

Halloween Candy put to educational use!

Middle School Tech Class Learns to Use Candy for Creating Charts and Graphs with EXCEL

Students in Middle School Tech Classes used leftover Halloween Candy to generate data for an Excel spreadsheet. They also used AutoSum to find the totals for the candy both by student and by type of candy. Then they turned that data into a variety of charts and graphs. (see samples below)

Vocabulary Increased as Students Use Excel

With the use of Excel came new vocabulary words to master. Words like Row, Column, Cell and Data took on more meaningful definitions when the students used them for plotting the coordinates for their charts and graphs.

Some Examples of the Data, Graphs, and Charts

Special thanks to Judy Norris, who subbed for me and helped students finish the lessons.

Student Reflections on the Assignment:

Learning Excel:

I learned how to properly use charts and graphs because I never knew how to do it before. I also know how easy this will be in the future instead of looking at numbers you can make a chart or graph to make it easier! -Preston Pace

I think that it was a good way how to learn about graphs.- Julian Lopez

Learning to use excel is hard; but once you got the hang of things, it is easy - Dante Doty

Putting data on a spread sheet does not make it easier to understand. Nicholas Robson

I learned to press auto sum and it adds it all up. Smith Hill

I like Excel because it shows you how to graph faster and neater. Zachary SoolaymanAli

It was great using it because it was fun and it really helped me. Love putting in the data because it make feel like a business man. I also like eating the candy, too. :-). Freddie Butler

Charts and Graphs:

It is helpful because I will need to make tons of graphs in my life.

- Smith Hill

I learned that graphs are the best and charts are very helpful with the graph. - Ryan Lanzo

Yes the charts make it easier to understand and the videos help me to make a chart.

Michael Mendoza

I have learned to make a graph . 1 you select . 2. you click chart 3 . make it bigger . 4. you change the title.

-Nicholas Robson

The graphs help me get a better idea of how to under stand how much more there is. Zachary SoolaymanAli

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