Teacher Tablet Guide Vol. 2

Life after the CTC!


The only people allowed to travel with tablets are the Jr. PLEFs.

If a student (other than the Jr. PLEF) brings a tablet into the media center they will be sent back.

Jr. PLEFs will:

1. Student works through the troubleshooting poster

2. Student informs teacher of tablet issues

3. Teacher ensures student has worked through poster

4. Student submits ticket

5.Jr. PLEF will bring tablet to Media Center at the conclusion of class.

6. Once the tablet is fixed, Baumann will send an email to the student's teacher(s) only a Jr. PLEF can come pick that tablet up.



As you know our CTC (Classroom Technology Coordinator) will be leaving January 16th. We are trying to secures processes for handling not only tablet issues but technology issues and concerns for your hallway. Mrs. Baumann will be swamped with a number of media/tech needs while completing her regularly scheduled daily activities.

Each hallway has a Tech Rep. These person is here to help you with any of your immediate technology needs from unplugged projectors to getting support with your tablet. (All we ask is that we are ALL sensitive to the fact that these reps also teach. If you need the assistance please get to them before or after instruction.)


· Encore: Hill (Backup: Parker)

· 6th Grade: Lewis (Backup: Fox)

· 7th Grade: Silver (Backup: Oyola)

· 8th Grade: Brice (Backup: Simmons)

Tablet Etiquette

Guide students to appropriate tablet care at all times. Things to keep an eye on:

Are students on YouTube during instructional time?

Are students listening to music during instructional time?

Have students been instructed what to do while tablets are not in use?

Tablet Tampering

Posting to Facebook or any other Social Media other than for Educational purposes outline in teachers' Lesson Plans will result in immediate loss of uses of tablet.

Reactions to Common Issues (Inappropriate Pictures and Use)

1st Offense - Day User (for 1 week), Parent Contact, Retraining

2nd Offense - Day User (for 2 weeks), Parent Contact. Office Referral with extension from 1st Offense.

3rd Offense - Day User (3 weeks-end of year) Administrative Discretion

Using Web 2.0 Tools - GAGGLE

Web 2.0 Tools are any tools that you are using to enhance instruction that can be accessed through the web. A number of these tools require that students create an account. Students should be using their Gaggle information to create an account. Students should not be creating accounts nor emailing you from their private email accounts. Please Adhere. Small posters have been placed in your mailboxes for you to place in your classroom since the configuration is easily dismiss-able.
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