Student Involvement Newsletter

Fall 2020 Recap


Hello everyone,

We are so excited to bring you our Student Involvement Newsletter meant to keep you updated on our activities, events, student organizations reminders and what they are up to throughout the semester! We plan on having fun with this and creating all kinds of ways to engage you all with it, so definitely be on the look out for that. We always welcome new content so if you have anything like photos or updates, feel free to send it our way. This semester has been quite different than anything we have experienced before but check out some of the highlights of it as we recap the Fall 2020 semester.

Semester At A Glance

New Student Organizations!

We welcome several new student organizations that started up this semester including: Autistics Assembly, Student Ambassadors, KSU Stark Wildlife Club and MEDLIFE. Our student involvement platforms keep growing and that is awesome! Feel free to check out their information in the Blackboard course we used for the Student Resource Fair which is still available.

Dialogue with the Dean

A new series, Dialogue with the Dean, was created by students Jaylon Smith And Deborah Belintani Rosa this semester.

The purpose of this series is to stablish open communication between the Dean and her administrative team and to ensure that voices and ideas can be heard from all students, including students of color.

It also serves as an opportunity for student organizations to speak directly with Dean Seachrist about a topic or area that is important to the organization or a topic the organization wants to learn more about. A special thank you to Revive and Student Ambassadors for being the first two organizations to participate.

Please let us know what month your organization would like to participate.

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Food not Bombs Drive

Several organizations are also supporting the Food Not Bombs Food drive which the Office of Global Initiatives has been promoting. Revive had a safe and socially distanced gathering of their members to shop meals to donate to this drive.

First-Ever Virtual Resource Fair!!

Thank you to all the student organizations who were able to join and participate in our first ever Virtual Student Resource Fair. You all put so much work into the different materials that went into your folders and the students really appreciated that. We are hoping to use this same Blackboard course in the Spring as well with a similar virtual event so look out for the information we send out on that!

Biology Club Updates

In addition to regular virtual meetings, Biology Club has kept all their members engaged throughout the semester by challenging them to participate in activities such as cooking a vegan meal, posting on iNaturalist, gardening, going on a walk, or cleaning up some trash, helping Geodes by painting some stones, participating in the scavenger hunt through the campus wellness center, and having a t-shirt design contest, among others.

Biology Club also participated in the annual Spooky Science event held by Beech Creek which caters to children and families to enjoy science with a spooky twist. The event was themed to celebrate the movies of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and over a socially distanced cook-out that Rena Fonseca, the president hosted, they were able to create all kinds of fun creatures for the event.

BSU and ISO Initiative

During the summer BSU (Black Student Union) and ISO (International Student Organization) volunteered with the organization of Racial Equity Teach-ins. The organizations plan to keep on doing many activities and promote educational opportunities to all who are interested in learning more about racial equity and cultural diversity.

Fall 2020 Homecoming Court

Congratulations to the homecoming court members of 2020. We are so glad that our court was made up of so many active and inspiring students who are part of the student organizations on our campus. From left to right, Brianna Howiler from Comm Club, Madison Meszaros an officer with English Club and Sigma Tau Delta, Matthew Hudak and Kayla Rauschenbach from SCRUBS, Donovan Byler the current president of Revive and Sara Haidet who is a part of Student Ambassadors.
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Student Organization Reminders!

  • Please remember to send us the monthly rosters of your meetings by the 1st of every month detailing the students in attendance, their Kent email address and the structure of your meeting/ activity.
  • Since most of what we do is virtual now and it is hard to keep track of what every organization is up to, feel free to send us pictures or summaries of what your organizations have been involved in. We would love to feature those in these monthly newsletters.
  • We are still accepting any allocation requests for the organizations activities or virtual events so feel free to contact Ashley Brightbill about it at or Evangeline Agum at

USG Unplugged :)

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to pop my face here and say hi if we haven't had the chance to meet in person before. As I have introduced myself in previous emails, I am Evangeline Agum, the incoming U.S.G President and Student Assistant for the Student Involvement Office. I am a junior majoring in Accounting on our campus. I am super excited for this awesome role and especially pumped to use this newsletter as a platform for all of you to feature your amazing student organizations. Feel free to contact me about everything and anything regarding your organizations at

Stay safe and Happy Holidays!