Drew Powers

My Flyer

My Life

This is me. I was born August 9, 2003. I am the middle child of three. My younger brother is 7 and in second grade. My sister is 13 and in eighth grade. I am 10 and in fifth grade. My parents are Amy and Andy. They are awesome!


I love baseball, basketball, and soccer! I play all of those sports. Baseball is my favorite sport. I have a PS3. I don't play it a lot, but it is fun. I also have a trampoline in my backyard. It is also good exercise.


My family and I love to travel! I love Colorado! It is fun. My grandma and grandpa live in Texas. My cousins also live there. We went on a cruise too. We flew to Miami. Then we rode the cruise ship to Jamaica, and it was so cool. On the same cruise, we went to the Cayman Islands and back to Miami. We have been to Florida. We went to Disney world when we went to Florida. We have also been to Mexico. We went to the beach multiple times. It was so fun. There was a giant hot tub in the middle of the living room. We have been to California and drove. It was two days and so boring, and on our way to California we saw the hoover dam. It is GIANT and cool! While we were there, we went to San Diego and went to the beach. We also went to Disney Land while we were there. These are some of the places I've been.

This is me!

Sports I like

I am an athletic guy!

Outdoor Things I Like

I like to shoot my air soft gun! I put up targets to shoot at. I also like to go swimming. Jumping off the high dive and doing flips are my favorite things to do when I swim. I also like water slides. I like to pass the soccer ball with Taylar. Sometimes, I like to go fishing!

This is Me!

This is my life and things I like to do!