Rumor Has It

13 Reasons Why

Rumors and Lies

The theme of this book is Rumors and Lies because people made hurtful and untrue rumors about Hannah. They lied to and about her. "... a rumor based on a kiss has a snowball effect."(pg 31) Justin Foley, Hannah's first kiss made a rumor that she did more than just kiss him, but in reality they only kissed and walked away in diffrent directions. That rumor got to the whole school and since then no one treated her the same. Guys started to make fun of her and girls avoided her, and for some time she didn't know why. Then the rumor got back to her. Justin lied about her. "But it's more than... It's a knife in my back because you would rather believe some made up rumor than what you knew to be true."(pg 68) Hannah's ex-friend Jessica Davis was dating the guy that made up another rumor about her, Alex Standall. Jessica did not trust her or believe Hannah when she said nothing happend. No one respected or trusted Hannah anymore, and that literally ruined her life.

A surprising book about heart break and how people can hurt others in a unimaginable way.

In this book, Hannah Baker commits suicide because her "friends" make vicious rumors about her. She then makes 13 tape recordings, each one talking about each person who led her to commit suicide. She sends the tapes to each person she talks about. One of them is Clay Jenson, the boy who has a crush on Hannah. Hearing those tapes and her voices breaks his heart but he has to keep listening to find out why he is on the tapes and what did he do her that made her commit suicide.

Jay Asher

Jay Asher got the idea for this book in a museum when he heard the voice of a woman giving a audio tour. He was born in Arcadia, California. 13 Reasons Why has won the California Book Award. It was a Borders Original Voice Finalist and a New York Times Bestseller. 13 Reasons Why is his first book.