Bengal Tiger

Elisa Gonzalez

Common and Scientific Name

Bengal Tiger

Panthera tigris tigris

  • The Bengal Tiger lives mostly in India, but can be also found in Bangladesh, Nepal, and China
  • In the wildlife, the Bengal Tiger eats zebras and deer, and also helps control the population by eating smaller animals
  • A male Bengal Tiger can measure around 8-10 ft. in length
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Why the Bengal Tiger has become Endangered

-The Bengal Tiger is considered endangered due to the loss of habitat due to forestation, also human poachers

-In the year 1900, there was almost 50,000 Bengal Tigers in the wild

-There is thought to be only around 2,000 left in the wild

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How Humans can Help

-The future of the Bengal Tiger is uncertain

-Humans can help by strengthening anti-poaching campaigns, stopping illegal wildlife trade