Half Crown & Co. Presents

The all new Widestance 199 Class

"Let your dreams be unleashed!"

The all new Widestance 199 Class is the car of all time, featuring a state of the art V12 turbo. You won't worry about power. The Widestance 4 star safty rating and visual appeall are a obvious reason to come to you'r local dealer. Our
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We make custom graphics for your Widestance !

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(Above from L.A.)

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(Above from the Flemington racecourse in Australia.)

Get them at your local Half Crown Dealer.

Any death with a modded, tunned, or lowered/raised XRPMR14 is not our falt. Any death with a unmodded XRPMR14 my be our falt with the 4 star safty rating six years in a row.