Hunter Buchman

Birthday/Death Info

Born January 19,1807,at Stratford Hall. On September 28, 1870 he suffered a stroke.

On October 12, 1870 he died from effects of pneumonia.

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Childhood/ family

Went to local school in Fauquier county. He grew up on a plantation. Father was governor of Virginia. Several family members were in powerful positions in Virginia government. he was the son of Anne hill carter and Henry lee III. His father died 11 years after Roberts birth.
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Robert e Lee's Education

Robert e. lee went to United states military academy. He graduated second in his class at west point.
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important life events.

  • He helped win Mexican american war.
  • Won victory at Fredricksburg .
  • Appointed general of confederate army.
  • His son was a pow at fort Moroe.
  • He lost the battle of Gettysburg.
  • He surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Court House.


  • He won the Mexican American war.
  • He was appointed general of the confederate army causing it too last much longer then it should have.
  • Won large battles of the civil-war.
  • appointed president of Washington college.
  • Had the most successful and famous confederate army.

Contribution to change

  • lost the civil-war causing slavery to be abolished.
  • losing the civil-war also caused reconstruction in the south.
  • Fought to keep the south free and couldn't fight against his home state causing the war to be much longer and violent then it should have been.

interesting facts

  • He was superintendent of west point.
  • he commanded the army of northern Virginia in civil war.
  • Served as president of Washington College.
  • served as commander of U.S. military in texas.
  • led the largest battles of the confederacy.
  • his father fought in revolutionary war.
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