Taylor Swift

Why did Taylor Swift name this song "Ronan?"

Taylor named this song "Ronan." Ronan is written about a young boy who lost his battle to brain cancer. This boy named Ronan, passed away in 2011.

Ronan and all of her other songs by Taylor Swift are country!

Taylor Swift's life:)

  • Her favorite number is 13.
  • She was born in December on a Christmas tree farm.
  • The reason Taylor's songs are based on love is because she feels that love is everything.
  • Taylor Swifts fear is hearing bad news, or letting someone down.
  • She has a cat named Meredith, ( named after her favorite character on Grey's Anatomy.
  • She lives in Nashville.
  • Taylor doesn't like when people turn out to be different than what you think.
  • She doesn't think people should take life seriously.
  • And for the past 2 years, Taylor has worked on a CD album called, "Red." It's called Red because of the crazy adventures in love.
  • Taylor Swift feels that when you experience love that's fast paced, and other lovely emotions, that it all looks "Red" to her.

What are the instruments in Ronan?

In Ronan, by Taylor Swift, you hear the instruments of a banjo, guitar, vocals, the fiddle and the violin.
Ronan - Taylor Swift - Lyrics - NEW SONG 2012 "STAND UP TO CANCER"