I think you're freaky

and I like you a lot

I'm looking for different ways to make people feel appreciated. Just using words.

It won't be long until I launch The Grat Pack - my five-pack of homemade thank-you cards. I cut and fold the cards, hand print the designs with big, rubber stamps, then post them off to whoever wants them in a clever envelope. The envelope unfolds into a list of suggestions for things to write inside. And this is where I need some help coming up with more ways of saying thanks - you rock.

Here's how you can help.

  1. Think of someone who could do with a thank-you.
  2. Write a sentence or two that would make their day.
  3. Email me a copy: max.currie@gmail.com
  4. Maybe send it to them, too?
  5. Notice that writing thank-yous feels really good. Repeat.

If I use your words, you'll be the first to get a Grat Pack, anywhere in the world. So go awn, give it a whirl. And...

Thanks - you rock.

x Max

Some examples...

"Thanks for being you. Would be SO weird if you were someone else. So just keep doing that thing. That only you do."

"You can't see me right now... but I'm doing the happy dance."

"Dear favorite barista. Thank God for you."

"It’s only now I’m old enough to look back on things that I can see what a big deal you were, the way my life changed for the better because of you. You’re what making a difference looks like."

"You’re my left hand, my right hand, my wheelchair."

"If it wasn't weird, I'd include a selfie because right now I look totally grateful."

"I smiled and waved at a busload of kids today. And I let someone go in front of me at the supermarket. And please don't tell anyone this, but I caught myself singing to U2 in the car. It's all your fault. You were amazing last night, and I love you."