All About Me!!

BY: Jenna Spakowicz

Jenna Spakowicz Need To Know

There are so many things about me so I am just gonna have to list a few. I live in the United States Of America, I love the color purple, I dance, I used to play soft ball and volleyball, I love my hair, I love beauty, I am a total girlie girl, I love fashion, I love makeup, I love my 3 best friends, Ally, Maddy, and Delaney, We hang out a lot, we call us the spummers, and I love doing my nails.

Best Friends

Ally Maddy Delaney. My 3 best friends, we have been there for each other through out this long school year with each other. Me and Maddy are in the same class and we both like spring but Maddy prefers summer. Ally and Delaney are in the same class and they both love summer. So we call our best friend group the spummers! 2 spring and 2 summers! So we mixed the 2 words to get spummer. sp-spring ummer-summer.


I love to dance. I dance with Delaney. One of my best friends. Ally and Maddy are twin sisters and they do softball. So at dance I do Jazz, Hip-hop, Kick, Leaps and Turns, Perdoction, and dout. I am really not free all the time because of how much dance's I do but it turns out to be a great time when I am at dance so I do not regret it.