Using Seesaw in the Classroom

Document Your Students' Learning Journey

Want to learn about Seesaw? Already using Seesaw and ready to 'level up'?

This course is perfect for you!

  • Start your learning with a one hour face-to-face meeting to get you started and introduce you to the course (January 8, 4:30-5:30, GWAEA on 6th St).
  • Then, choose your own path by watching engaging webinars and collaborating/reflecting with other participants online throughout the entire course.
  • Check in mid-course (January 29, 4:00pm) to troubleshoot or learn new ideas with your classmates and instructor through a one-hour web-conference call.
  • Walk away with an implementation or integration plan, as well as a digital citizenship plan for your classroom.
  • Finally, share what you have learned in a one-hour web-conference call (February 21, 4:00pm) with your classmates and instructor.
  • Receive one recertification credit!
  • Note: when registering, you will see two additional dates. These dates are only placeholders for your online work hours and are NOT dates that will require attendance.

Seesaw: For all students

  • Collect student work from any device
  • Sign in options that work for all ages.
  • Encourages deeper learning and understanding.
  • Gives students an authentic audience.
  • Classroom blogging option.