Commercial Art Director

This is a Christian Medina production

Basic skills

Some of the skills you will need are:

reading comprehension, Active listening, Writing, Speaking, mathmatics, Critical thinking, Active learning, monitoring.

What do you do

Formulates design concepts, plans presentation approaches, and directs workers engaged in art work, layout, and copy writing for visual communications media such as magazines, newspapers, and packaging.

What are the Physical Demands

Sitting most of the time, making repetitive motions, using your hands, and staying indoors.

Work and Travel

Irregular work hours and weekend work.

What are the Educational Requirements

You need a bachelors degree.

What is the National Average Annual Wage of this Job


What is the Average Annual Wage for this job in Texas?


What is the hourly Wage for this job in Texas


What is the future outlook for this job

The job growth is 19%

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