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How does the burning of fossil fuels impact the carbon cycle and the environment

When the fossil fuels are burned , they release carbon into the air. Once the carbon is loose it makes the the natural balance upset. This also alters the processes that occur on earth
Earth's biosphere can be thought of as a sealed container into which nothing new is ever added except the energy from the Sun. Since new matter can never be created, it is essential that living things be able to reuse the existing matter again and again. For the world to work as it does, everything has to be constantly recycled. The carbon cycle is just one of several recycling processes, but it may be the most important process since carbon is known to be a basic building block of life. As the foundation atop which a huge family of chemical substances called organic substances are formed, carbon is the basis of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids—all of which form the basis of life on Earth.