By: Alexandra Garcia

World religions questions

1. The most important belief in this culture would probably be that they believe there is only one god and no other gods except him.

2. They believe that there is only one god because Judaism is a monotheistic religion for example Jews believe that god is always present in their daily lives.

3. I think this religion wants to follow its teaching of its prophets because their love for god is so strong that they want to keep learning more and more about him.

4.Jewish religious terrorism, is done by extremist within Judaism this affects nonbelievers by making them wonder how somebody from a religion like Judaism would commit such a horrible thing because of the the 10 commandments that Jews are supposed to follow The 6th commandment clearly says "Thou Shalt Not Kill." but they are not following that commandment by killing people.

5.Terrorism is the current even I choose because a lot of extremist use this against nonbelievers some consequences to this are that they are not following the 10 commandments. In the other hand some positive consequences might be that the person who is doing the terrorism might think he is doing something good for his religion and might feel happy for himself.

6. An artifact that I found that represents Judaism would be the Bowl Fragment with Menorah, Shofar, and Torah Ark. The upper register shows symbols of Jewish culture.

7. The song I used is called "jerusalem if I forget you." I didn't understand the lyrics because they weren't in english but the music was peaceful and beautiful so I think that the religion might be peaceful and calm.