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September 18, 2020

Dear Inspire Families:

If you get a moment this week, thank a teacher. For many parents and families, distance learning offers a glimpse into the classroom that you wouldn't ordinarily have. When you see teachers facilitating engaging lessons, practicing patience, approaching student struggles with compassion, and showing up each day with a smile, remember...on the other end of that lesson is an enormous effort. Inspire teachers are reinventing their curriculum from top to bottom for distance learning on an unfamiliar schedule. They are balancing the needs of students and their own families. They are managing the emotions that come with a worldwide pandemic and an ongoing climate crisis, and creating virtual classroom spaces that allow students to check in with their big feelings in a healthy way.

If you get a moment, send a message. Let them know: "We see you, and we thank you."

Meanwhile, thank YOU for your patience and for partnering with us as home educators for our Inspire students' success.

With gratitude and hope,

Becky Brown


Inspire School of Arts & Sciences

(530) 230-7758

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Summer 2021 - Travel Abroad Opportunity for Students

Did you ever want to travel abroad to beautiful España in your younger years? Wish to hear the sound of your footsteps slapping against the cobblestone streets while smelling the sweet, fresh, aroma of Churros con Chocolate? Or maybe you longed for the day you could walk into a Tapas bar, sink your teeth into a delicious Tortilla de Patata or Jamón Serrano, and hear the iconic sound of Flamenco in the background. Perhaps you always wanted to visit El Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid, to feast your eyes upon Picasso´s Guernica, considered by many art critics as one of the most moving and powerful antiwar paintings in history. Or maybe, just maybe, you wanted to be mesmerized by the architectural masterpiece of the Acueducto de Segovia-- built by the Romans back in 1AD, standing tall over Madrid, to this day!

Well, you probably still have time to enjoy all of these wonderful experiences, but most importantly, you have the opportunity to let your child live these experiences now.

Sra. Reid and Sr. Isern will be taking students to central and south Spain in the summer of 2021 and spots are limited. If you are interested in this life-changing opportunity, please make sure to contact either one of them asap to make sure you are invited to the next meeting and sign up before October 12th.

Sra. Reid-

Sr. Isern-

Check out the trip itinerary here

If your student has been affected by wildfires or by power outages, we want you to know that we are here for you. While we are saddened that we can't provide a safe space on campus, we can work with your family on a case-by-case basis to see how we might support your student.

Call or email the office for an absence: (530) 891-3090 or,

Call or email Ken Hardy for technology assistance: (530) 891-3090 or

Call or email your child's teacher by visiting the "Staff" page on our Inspire website.

Call or email the Principal/Superintendent: (530) 230-7758 or

2020-2021 School Calendar & Daily Schedule

Get Involved!

This year, more than any other year, we need volunteers for Inspire School of Arts & Sciences. The school has had several set backs in the past few years, such as the 2018 Camp Fire which affected Inspire more than any other school in Chico and the pandemic which is estimated to cost the school over $300,000. At the same time, the school has received a grant from the state for $10M but can not access it unless they match with $10M.

In order to assist the school, the Inspire Foundation was created, Celeste Cramer was hired as their Development Director, and many events and plans have been scheduled. And we need volunteers to make Inspire successful. Some examples are:

  • Flamingo Auction - arts students are decorating flamingos for a Foundation auction
  • Inspire UNITED Concert Series - schedule every few weeks for families to enjoy music from their living rooms
  • Inspire Pledge Drive - October 16th and will exhibit presentations for different fields of study (robotics, science, dance, theatre, etc.)
  • Neverland Ball Gala planned for April 10th, 2021 at Sierra Nevada Brewery
  • Inspire Sober Grad Night
  • Grants for Angel Network
  • Sponsorships and grant for Scholarships and other needs

We have so much planned and are excited for your help! To learn more, please RSVP here. Once you RSVP, you will receive the Zoom meeting information.