Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 6

September 28-October 2

Weekly Plan

What's new?

  • Homecoming reminders:
  • Monday, September 28nd: Pajama Day
  • Tuesday, September 29rd: Class Color Day
  • Pre-School: Green
  • Kindergarten: Yellow
  • 1st Grade: Orange
  • 2nd Grade: Red
  • 3rd Grade: Green
  • 4th Grade: Blue
  • 5th Grade: Purple
  • Wednesday, September 30th: Dress your Best! (Formal)
  • Thursday, October 1st: Look-a-Like Day (pick people to dress like!)
  • Friday, October 2nd: Sports Day
  • Thank you to all who supported the NA PTA Chick-Fil-A night last Monday. They raised over $170.00 and have another event coming up at Buffalo Wild Wings in October. PTA meets on Monday night and only Trisha Wood is signed up so far.
  • All grade levels met on Monday or Tuesday for literacy PLC work for the first time. It was good to hear you all talk about your norms, your literacy instruction this far, the MTSS interventions you have in place, etc. I know meeting weekly can be tough and we appreciate the effort you all put in during that hour together.
  • I have met with ALMOST all of you for your PLP and/or observation scheduling. It is good to be able to "coach" you even though I know you have two awesome coaches in Jenni and Carrie.
  • As a reminder, please keep acknowledging positives with our ARMS coins so that we can have our DANCE on Wednesday! Also, I still have TONS of Success beads in my office to give out to individual students who have shown great effort and improvement.
  • PLEASE remember to do your bus duty and after school duty all the time. When out for trainings or other leave, make sure you get your duty covered.
  • Please make sure to set up time to meet with Jen Like and/or Carrie about ideas for integration of technology in your classroom to impact your planning and your students' work.
  • Don't forget there is ALICE intruder training on Monday after school at the high school in the Performing Arts Center for all certified staff.
  • Thank you to Brian who keeps working hard to kill all of the bees AND trap all of the opposums and raccoons that want to live in our dumpster in the back.
  • Thank you to Chrissy for her work to organize the art installation projects for United Way Day of Caring. We got a lot finished and will hopefully get the rest finished before we return for fall break.

Monday September 28

7:45 ADT- Welcome Deb Lara (our new AEA consultant)

8:50 2nd grade collaborative Math meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Adrianna, Patty

10:50 4th grade collaborative Math meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Kate, Debbie, Jodi

12:20 1st grade collaborative Math meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Kyrie, Michelle

1:20 Kindergarten collaborative Math meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Jessica, Kathy

2:20 5th grade collaborative Math meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Scott, Becca, Ellen(?)

3:30 IEP for Ardie, Danielle, and Jessica

3:45-4:30 ALICE training at BHS PAC for all certified staff

6:30 NA PTA meeting

Tuesday September 29

7:45 Behavior Data Team for Carrie, Jenni, Danielle, Ardie, Amber, Brooke, and Lisa

8:30 Weekly schoolwide assembly

9:00 Fire drill

9:50 3rd grade collaborative Math meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Erika, Becky

12:30 Jodi Hanson post-observation meeting

2:00 Preschool collaborative meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Brooke

3:00 Brooke Bartsh post-observation meeting

3:30 IEP w/Jodi & Erika

Wednesday September 30

8:00 IEP w/Jodi & Debbie

9:00-11:00 Strategic Plan meeting w/admin

8:30-3:30 PBIS Team training for Danielle/Colleen/Brooke

10:00 Erika Dvorak pre-observation meeting

2:20 NA Homecoming Dance in gym

3:30 NA 5th grade flag football vs. HH @ NA

Thursday October 1

9:00 Morning meeting recordings w/Colleen & 4th graders

10:00 Erika Dvorak formal observation

11:00 Meeting w/Jennifer Streets from VF

1:00 Weekly coaches meeting with Jenni and Carrie

2:00 Monthly classified staff meeting (Mindy, Kimberly, Sally, Sarah, Charlotte, Donna, Beata, Erica, Judi, Amber, Amy)

2:30 Weekly 21CCLC meeting w/Becca

6:00 Homecoming Parade

Friday October 2

7:45 NA BLT meeting

9:00 Weekly school counselor meeting with Danielle

10:30 Weekly office meeting with Mindy, Kimberly, and Lori

1:30 Elementary principals' meeting at District