4B Mini Sumative

NHHS SOFTBALL by Megan Edwards

Ashe Experiment

Last week my team played a joke on me that was similar to this experiment. For home games we always wear white pants and gray jerseys so I assumed this is what we were wearing since it was a home game. At lunch about 6 of my teammates were talking about how they were glad we were wearing black and purple that day. I knew that we were supposed to wear gray but since they all agreed we were supposed to wear purple, I just assumed I was wrong and started freaking out. It turns out I was right and they were just kidding. This similar to the ashe experiment because I changed my belief to fit the group eventhough I knew I was right.

Zimbardo Experiment

Our team always makes jokes about cheerleaders and our coach calls them ra ras. Our coach's sister is the cheerleading coach so we got her to help us prank coach. One day before practice we all put on cheerleading uniforms and acted like cheerleaders. This is similar to the Zimbardo experiment because even though we were not cheerleaders we acted like we were. Even after we took the uniforms off, we had taken on the role of being a cheerleader and that was the loudest practice we have ever had.

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Milgram Experiment

In this experiment the subjects did not question the experimentor just becuase they looked lilke a figure of authority. We see our coach as an authority figure so we do what she says even if it is stupid. One time last year there was a huge mud puddle and we told coach about it and she told us to jump in it. She was in the dugout so she couldn't see us, she just yelled to us. She was just kidding but we thought she was serious and we all dove into the mud puddle. She came out of the dugout and asked why we were all soaked and we said because she told us to.
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For home games we have to dress up to school. I usually straighten my hair everyday even if we are dressing up. Even though it is more work to curl my hair, I do it on dress up days because everyone else does it.


My coach has alot of authority. We all respect her but if we didn't, she has the authority to punnish us. If we do not put something up right or do not play hard, she punnishes us by makeing us run.


I thought I was throwing my rise ball pretty good the other day but when my pitching coach who is an authority figure told me that he though I could do better, I immediately changed my opinion and felt like I did not throw my rise ball well.

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Fundamental Attribution Error

When ever someone misses practice I just think that they must not care and are lazy. I usually don't think about the fact that they may actually have a good reason for missing.

Self-Serving Bias

When ever someone on the other team gets a good hit I think that my coach called the wrong pitch but usually it is me that doesn't spin it enough.
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Group Think

A lot of girls like to dress up for games but i hate it. When we are deciding what to wear even if I don't like it I just do what the team wants in order to avoid conflict.

Group Polarization

I really don't like Brevard and they were the team that I really wanted to beat but after everyone started talking about how much they hate Pisgah, I started to hate Pisgah too and now I really want to beat Brevard and Pisgah.