Campy Library

December 2021 Newsletter

What's going on in the library?


1. Learned about the setting of a story and the food chain from, The Gruffalo (Why didn’t you know?

2. Practiced sequencing using, Isabel and the Hungry Coyote.

3. Searched for sight words in our library books.

4. Used text features to find meaning in We are in a Book.

5. Practiced sequencing, repetition, and rhyming in, There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Pie.

6. Learned how forest friends prepare for winter.

7. Practiced using our big voice to say “NO!” in, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.

What's going on in CSI?


1. Wrote hello goodbye and the first letter of our names in Binary Code for CSI class.

2. Created algorithms for daily habits (brushing teeth, tying shoes) in CSI class.

How about that STEAM?


1. Created a veteran’s Day Parade during STEAM.

2. Figured out how to make the US flag stand tall during our veteran's day parade during STEAM.

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About Campy Library

Campy Library is housed in Campfield Early Learning Center (CELC). The library is managed by Ms. Spencer, the Library Media Specialist at CELC.