Chief Justices:

John Marshall & Roger B. Taney

John Marshall

John Marshall was born on September 24, 1755 in Germantown, Virginia. He was part of the federalist party who believed they needed a new constitution and wanted to be a bigger nation. John was head of the judicial branch who presides over the court during conferences and writes the majority of the opinions.

His son, Thomas Marshall, was the 28th vice president of the united states and later the 27th Governor of Indiana.

John won the election to congress where he supported President John Adams. Later appointed him secretary of state. In 1801 he became chief justice, a position he held until death.

Nadia SanMiguel

Roger B. Taney


Taney was born in Calvert County Maryland in 1777, later dying in Washington D.C. on October 12 , 1864. (2) Murphy

Involvement in the Dred Scott Court Case:

Taney's involvement in the Dred Scott case was that he made the ruling that all enslaved african- americans were considered property and not people.This meaning that white people did not have any rights to f=respect of black people, and slaves were now aloud above the 38th parallel throwing out the Missouri Compromise of 1820 (3) The African-American Experience


Taney made contreversal rulings throughout his service of being a court justice.

Many cases he would be Anti-slavery and go for the abolition of slavery then others he would rule towards being pro-slavery, ruling against African-Americans. (1) The Wilson Quarterly


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