Les Femmes De Substance

November 20, 2015

Second Edition Alumni Newsletter 2015

11th Annual Women of Substance Retreat

Friday, Jan. 29th 2016 at 7pm to Sunday, Jan. 31st 2016 at 1pm

701 East Genesee Street

Syracuse, NY

11th Annual Women of Substance Retreat

Every year, Les Femmes de Substances sponsors an off-campus Women's Retreat geared towards professional development, academic support, and social unification for Cornell's women of color. Our goal is to motivate sixty retreat attendees and promote mentorship between women at Cornell University, and beyond. We strive to equip these women with the proper tools to succeed for the semester, as well as their careers beyond Cornell, and we aspire to mold women of substance that will last for a lifetime.

This year's retreat will be held from Friday, January 29th to Sunday, January 31st, 2016 in Syracuse, NY. This year's theme is "I Am..", which will allow the retreat to cater to women of color, who have very different career interests, but will need the same skills, in order to thrive in workplace settings and society. The workshops will help our attendees gain tips on how to become gainfully employed, fiscally responsible and self aware, as well as enjoy bonding sessions.

The budget for this retreat exceeds $12,000.00, which is why the executive board works diligently to fundraise, through events, and gain the support of various departments and colleges on campus. If you are interested in contributing to these efforts, please contact us at lfds.cornell@gmail.com. Thank you for supporting our efforts to change the lives of women of color!

Fall Semester Highlights

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Men of Substance Showcase

This past Saturday, Les Femmes hosted our 5th annual Men of Substance Showcase (MOSS). In order to raise money for our annual women’s retreat, we organized a male pageant show consisting of seven men of substance. This years theme was “Draft Day,” which contestants competed for the coveted title of “1st round draft pick.” Each contestant competed with rigor, agility and speed (qualities only worthy of the most prestigious athletes) as they answered questions and performed a talent. Congratulations to Antione St. Victor who was selected as our “1st round draft pick.” In total, we raised over $1000 for our retreat and we are incredibly grateful to the individuals who supported us through the planning process.

Professional Etiquette Workshops

Our new program of Professional Etiquette Workshops has provided our students with guidance on how to be professionals. Our first workshop taught the women on Cornell’s campus the importance of personal brand management. Women were encouraged to maximize their personal and professional brands by evaluating their dress, their language and social media sites. We ended this event with free professional headshots for LinkedIn and Jobwell profiles.

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Other Events this Semester

A Note From the Alumni Liaison...

The Second Edition

Greetings Alumni of Substance,

On behalf of Les Femmes de Substance, I would like to thank you for engaging with the second edition of our newsletter. We couldn't be more excited to include you as we continue on our year of expansion and growth.

We have hosted a number of events and have plans for even more. We hope young women on Cornell's campus will reap all the benefits of professional development, academic support and social networks which our organization provides.

Les Femmes de Substance knows that our Alumni readers will find great value in our newsletter’s content as it will aid you to stay informed regarding Les Femmes de Substance's impact on campus and upcoming events. For those who are new to our newsletter, we invite you to join Les Femmes de Substance as we move our mission forward and expand our network.

Whether you volunteer your time or attend any of our professional events, we are exceedingly thankful for your support and contribution to Les Femmes de Substance.

With Substance,

Adora Nwankwo | Alumni Liaison | AN458@cornell.edu

Send Us Information about Upcoming Professional Opportunities!

To ensure that Les Femmes de Substance can continue to increase our exposure within a variety of industries and take advantage of all available opportunities, please let us know if you know of companies or organizations that would like to host an event or sponsor LFDS through mentorship, connections, or funding.

If interested, please reach out to Lydia Anglin | Professional Chair | LMA86@cornell.edu