The DC Poetry Project Presents

I, Too, Know Why The Caged Bird Sings . . .

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

Wednesday, May 27th, 6:30-8:30pm

901 G St NW

Washington, DC

May has been designated as National Mental Health Awareness Month and the DC Poetry Project is committed to raising awareness about the issue of mental illness. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental health concerns affect 1 in 10 Americans today, but fewer than 25 percent of people with a diagnosable mental disorder seek treatment. Unfortunately, the stigma associated with mental illness often reigns supreme. For example, sufferers live in silence and family members and other caregivers feel helpless and without hope for their loved ones’ recovery. Poetry offers many who suffer from mental illness, as well as their loved ones, the opportunity to “Metaphorically Scream,” and guides their thoughts in positive ways to release feelings, to raise awareness, to demystify the stigma and to raise hopes related to recovery.

This open mic poetry reading is designed to provide poets and others with opportunities to share their works related to mental illness and/or recovery. Miss Kiane, a noted DC poet will be the featured poet during the event. So please support this program with your presence, poetry, and participation. The program will be held in MLK Room A-9. The title of the program is adapted from Dr. Maya Angelou's classic poem, Caged Bird.

The mission of the DC Poetry Project, a nonprofit organization, is to contribute to the community through poetry and spoken word related activities, partnership engagement, and volunteerism..
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