The Cat Master

maddie farmer period 3 by bonnie pemberton


Buddy is a orange tabby cat . He did live in the Outs but do to a recent fight now he lives with the boy and his mom. The boy's dad left him for another women . Buddy is a brave loyal cat .


Zikki is a young determined cat . He is a white, long haired tom . He also lives with the boy. He looks up to Buddy almost like Buddy is his father. His sister Pris is also a loyal follower.


Pris is a shy, calico she-cat . She has a great personality and will befriend anyone. She is the best acting kitten .

theme of the story

Buddy kills Jett. Buddy is forced to kill Jett before Jett kills all of the other cats. The message this sends is if you are bad you always lose .


The setting is a Texas city in the present time period.

confict and plot

The conflict is Jett stole Zekki and Pris. In order to get them back Buddy must go to the meeting to find out who the new cat master is since the old one master recently died.

book recommendation

I highly suggest reading the Cat Master. This book is filled with exciting cliff hanging adventures. You will eventually find out that Jett does not get away with his plan . Pris and Zikki do survive the catnapping. Buddy will be the next cat master. This is one of the best books that I have ever read!