Western Expansion

By: Angel Ramber

Americans Move Westward

  • Americans needed Mississippi to ship goods. Once Spain sold it to France, the Americans feared they would lose their privilage to use it. So Jefferson sent officials to negotiate with France. America only wanted New Orleans but got ALL of Louisiana. To explore this land and map it out, Jefferson sent out the Louis and Clark expedition.
  • Americans moved west and broke Native American treaties in witch this started the war of 1812.
  • After the war, some Americans traveled along the great wagon rode into what is called the Louisiana purchase. This road was bumpy and very uncomfortable to ride on so the government built the National Road. To pay for this road, the government set up toll roads called turnpikes.
  • Water travel was another type of transportation to western America. It was comfortable, cheep, and fast. Robert Fulton, a steam boat engineer, launched a successful steam boat called the Clermont. this boat set new records.
  • it was so cheap and easy that Americans began to build canals. One of those canals is called the Erie Canal. This canal let western farmers ship their supplies to New York and other eastern cities.