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Location and Neighboring Countries

Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific region made up of roughly 80 islands.

The neighboring countries of Vanuatu are Fiji, New Caledonia, Australia and New Zealand.

Geography and Climate

Vanuatu is a mountainous archipelago of volcanic origin with narrow coastal plains.The highest of all the mountains is Mount Tabwemasana at 1,877 metres. Natural disasters include tropical cyclones or typhoons from January to April and volcanic activity which sometimes causes minor earthquakes. Tsunamis are also a hazard.

History and Government

The islands have a Republic government. The history of Vanuatu goes back as far as approximately 3,500 years ago when the first settlers are believed to have arrived from New Guinea and the Solomon Islands by canoe. In 1906, British and French claims to the islands led to the formation of a condominium government, allowing for joint British-French rule. Diseases brought by missionaries, sandalwood traders, and others helped reduce the population from approximately 1 million in 1800 to 45,000 in 1935. The islands served as a major Allied base in World War II. After the war, the indigenous Melanesians began lobbying for independence, which in 1980 the country achieved. It was then renamed it Vanuatu.


"Vanuatu may be divided into three major cultural regions. In the north, wealth is established by how much one can give away. In the center, more traditional Melanesian cultural systems dominate. In the south, a system involving grants of title with associated privileges has developed.Pigs, particularly those with rounded tusks, are considered a symbol of wealth throughout Vanuatu. Traditional music is still thriving in the rural areas of Vanuatu. Musical instruments consist mostly of idiophones: drums of various shape and size, slit gongs, as well as rattles, among others. In various regions, aerophones, such as whistles or bamboo flutes, are used to be played. Sports such as Cricket is a very popular sport in Vanuatu. Sport varies depending on the gender of those involved. Volleyball is considered a girls sport, while males play soccer and rugby union. The three main languages they speak are English, French, and Bislama. Christianity is there religion."

Real GDP per capita/ infant mortality rate/ life expectancy/ literacy rate/HDI

per capita: purchasing power parity - $4,900

Rate: 21.0

The life expectancy rate is 71.41 years

Literacy rate is 92

HDI: 0.626

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one of the most attractive investment locations in the South Pacific region, diplomatic and trade relations, privilege access to major markets, memberships in regional and international alliances and a stable and peaceful environment makes this country a highly desirable business location.


Vanuatu is right in the way of the constant natural disasters such as the pacific-rim of fire and the pacific cyclone belt and those make it hard for businesses and houses to remain in one piece. The severe tropical cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu in March of 2015. They say it was the worst natural disaster in the history of Vanuatu, killing 15-16 people.

What has been done by developed nations to help?

Australia pledges 5million in financial aid after the cyclone. New Zealand government and non-government agencies are working this weekend to dispatch aid to help Vanuatu.Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Auckland are packing 2000 food boxes today to be sent to Port Vila, Vanuatu.A thousand refillable water containers with purification filters are being sent to Vanuatu from the church's headquarters in Salt Lake City. Save the Children is warning that more than 2000 children are at risk of potentially deadly illnesses like diarrhoea because drinking water reserves have been contaminated.Save the Children has distributed more than 16,000 litres of drinking water in Vanuatu and is preparing to ship 5000 litres to Tongoa Island in the Shepard Islands.

Why is it still an LCD despite these efforts?

it is not an LDC and has graduated from an LDC since 2012 and Vanuatu has still to be considered one of the most vulnerable countries in the world.

Economic strategies and why you think it will work?

honestly there right in the way of the constant natural disasters such as the pacific-rim of fire and the pacific cyclone belt and those make it hard for businesses and houses to remain in one peace. Other then the developed nations sending money and supplies to vanuatu, I don't know how they can escape the natural disasters.

Who would implement it and how would it be implemented?

Pacific leadership program or PLP’s support in Vanuatu commenced in 2008 and initially focused on developing strong relationships with leading organisations. PLP supports stakeholders to develop and implement their own leadership initiatives.Beginning in early 2011, PLP held discussions with leadership Vanuatu, which implements a leadership development program that involves experiential learning and collective work on key leadership and development issues. Leadership Vanuatu is itself becoming a coalition of emerging ni-Vanuatu leaders keen to work collectively for the public good based on agreed priorities. PLP supported Leadership Vanuatu through Oxfam Vanuatu, which provides financial management, hosting and technical support.
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Potential for the country

Subjects of deep sea mining in Vanuatu between supporters of the idea and those opposed to deep sea mining, the question needs to be asked if Vanuatu has any seafloor mineral that could be exploited for the economic benefit of the people. they explore for minerals rich in copper, zinc, silver and gold on the deep sea floor in Vanuatu and their focus is specifically on seafloor massive sulfides. Vanuatu is also major tourist destination in the pacific and have beautiful islands most with untouched beaches to preserve the beauty of the environment.