"The Sound Of Thunder"

By: Amelia and Kaylei


I think that the message of the story is that little things can make a big difference. I know this because in the story, something as small as a butterfly dying led to a big change in time. In the story it says, "It fell to the floor, an exquisite thing, a small thing that could upset balances and knock down a line of small dominoes and then big dominoes and then gigantic dominoes, all down the years across Time."
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  • Doesn’t work well in stressful situations
  • Gets nervous easily.
  • Is very brave


  • Serious about his job.
  • Has a short temper
  • Quick to make decisions


  • He is willing to risk his life for other people
  • He is brave

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Author's Purpose

To show how the impact that a single person has on how a story unfolds.


In the story, “A Sound Of Thunder”, they go on a trip through a time machine to go kill the past. Meanwhile, on the journey they ran into a problem, one that might change the world forever. When Eckles tries to help go back and fix what has been done, the past is not the only thing that dies.

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While on the journey, there’s a few events that stand out. For instance, one of the events that happened was in the beginning. When the official told Eckles that it's not guaranteed that he will come back alive, or when Travis yelled at Eckles and told him he wasn't coming back thru the time machine with them. One more event that happened when it was the end of the story Eckles killed a butterfly that changed everything. Eckles begged to go back and fix it, then, all that was heard was a sound of thunder.

Point of View

The Point of view is third person objective, because in the story the audience can see what happens and hear what they say but we don't know their thoughts. Throughout the whole story it was just, “he”, “them”, “Travis”, etc.
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This story reminds me of the young activists that are making a big difference in the world. Malala is just one girl that has given hundreds of thousands of girls education. She is a good example of one person changing the world.
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One example of a conflict from the story is when they were talking back in forth when they were in the ancient forest watching the T-Rex, the T-rex turned around and gave a great roar. Another one would be when Eckles killed the butterfly and things changed, like the office sign and the presidential election.

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In conclusion, the author was making it very clear that one thing can make a big difference.


The setting had some drastic changes throughout the story. The change in setting symbolized the major difference that they made in the past. The poster in the office started out fine, but when they came back from the past the words were all spelled wrong and everything was just a little off. Also, when they got into the time machine and when they got out, the lights stopped blinking, this probably symbolized that they had changed the future while they were in the past.