Mind gripping and late breaking clues!

The Rising Enemy

In this article we have the latest and most interesting news up to date and we have some new news of a rivalry between a group of people on an island off the coast of Ireland in 1562 when the plague is reaping on the inhabitants of Europe.

The main story is that a man by the name of Gideon Cahill has found a cure to our plague but has also found something else.The elixer cures the plague but also enhanses the body in physical and mental sharpness,It seems great but after we asked Gideon Cahill he is paying dearly for taking it. The side effects cause a fataly bad migrane that will soon kill Gideon Cahill.

But on the other side of the island a man by the name of Damien Vesper is demanding that he get the serum because he says it will do more good than bad. Here at the station and from Gideons view on things we think he is going to use it for power because of his enormous greed.Since Gideon has rejected to give it to him Gideon is suspicious that Damien will take it by force, so tonight he is get his family off the island so they are safe and stay back to destroy the formula and hopefully have enough time to escape to safety as well.

Breaking news! Gideon Cahill and 2 henchman of Damien have just been killed by what appears to be a self detonated bomb in the house that is now in an inferno of fire and smoke.The Cahill children apparently were given different pieces of the serum that had different effects to the person and were told to keep them safe. But the children took each of there vials and they flew into a fit of rage at each other and blaming each other for there fathers death.The four children have each left the island and now are scattered across the world and now the wife of Gideon Cahill is still on the island, now a pregnant widow.Vesper came back to see the remains of Gideon Cahills home and the wife got so mad at him she kicked him off the island because she legaly owned it now, so Damien left and the wife found her husbands ring. It looks like a gear to a machine but it is apparently of massive value but she did not tell us why.

A few months later the wife has a baby named Madeline Cahill in the house that she rebuilt on the island and we asked madeline a few years later when she was able to talk how she felt about all of this. She said"I will use all my power to bring my family back together again and defeat that snake of a man Vesper. But for now i will look for my siblings to reunite them which will be no easy task and keep this ring safe but mother never told me anything about the ring." Thats the story folks, it may take generations but Madeline will achieve what she will always try to do so good always prevails remember that!

39 countdown book review

I love this book and I rate it 10 out of 10!I like all the adventure,action,and the suspense but I dislike the parts where it seems like all hope is lost and it gets sad.I would recommend this book to anyone that loves action and adventure because when you read this book it makes you feel like you are with them every step of the way with your own eyes!

The "in the right" editorial

whenever Vesper stormed the Cahill's house and caused the big explosion that killed Gideon, I am on the Cahill's side. I believe this because Vespers greed had caused him to think irrationally and his own greed blinded him.Since Gideon said no, Vesper should have known that there was a reason he didn't want people to drink the serum because it would do more harm than good.So wherever Vesper is he should be put in jail forever because if we don't stop him now his family will attack the cahill's until they get the formula which would lead to world domination for the Vespers and when that happens all hope will be lost.