Article by Silke Meulemans

Animals have rights too

They don't have a place to stay, they don't have any food or fresh water, they don't have the care and love they need.... we're talking about the stray animals. Thousands of cats and dogs end up in the streets of large cities where busy people don't look after them. The helpless animals are left to their own. They are trying to survive with what they find on the streets and are suffering from infectious diseases because they don't get the medical care that they need. Considering of the large number stray animals, volunteers have founded organisations who help the poor dogs and cats. PETA ( the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals foundation) is a world wide organisation that started in the United Kingdom and is dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals. The number of stray animals is increasing every year so I think it's time to find a reasonable solution...
April 4 Stray Animals Day official video
April 4 is a day which is dedicated to all the stray animals in the world.