Beauty Disguised

By Peter Williams

Orsino Reference:

"If music be the food of love play on!" -Orsino In the 12th Night Orsino is fully capable of expressing himself emotionally.

Duke Reference:

"So, uh, do you... like cheese?" This shows Dukes level of skill when it comes to talking with girls.

Types of Comedy Displayed in the Movie and Play

  • Low Comedy
  • Farce Comedy
  • Comedy of Manner
  • Comedy of Ideas

Low Comedy Example

During Violets visit to the principals office her bra wrapping had been wedged into the file cabinet. This caused awkward struggle between her and the draw that was very funny. In the "Twelfth Night" Malvolio is putting his gestures into words as he reads the works of Maria's fake letter.

Farce Comedy Example

Both the "Twelfth Night" and "Shes the Man" are examples of farce comedy with their situation of mistaken identity between two twins.

Comedy of Manners Example

Within "Shes the Man" at the dinner when Sebastian's current girlfriend confronts Violet dressed as Sebastian. This sparks a comedy uproar of insults resulting in Violet calling Olivia "ugly!" In the "Twelfth Night" Malvolio is made fun of for wearing his tights.

Comedy of Ideas Example

In both the "Twelfth Night" and "Shes the Man" the end of each results in the revealing of the woman's identity and how they resolve her pretending to be a man.

Compare and Contrast of "The Twelfth Night" and "She's the Man"

Both of these comedies cover all of the levels on the ladder. In the classic play, "The Twelfth Night," the characters are more proper with their comedy than to lash out with rude comments to imply a joke. The movie "She's the Man" does exactly that. There are lashes of funny insults thrown in a manner that a person of this age would understand. You understand both comedies and why the characters do what they do.